The New Chanel Haute Joaillerie Lensed by Sarah Moon

So very interesting images.

A Stairway to Fashion Chanel ‘Café Society’ jewellery look book by Sarah Moon

The new Chanel fine jewellery collection – Café Society – that we saw in a previous post, has also a look book, lensed by Sarah Moon. The fashion house entrusted the legendary photographer, a master of styling with nearly half a century of experience, to bring out the mood of the twenties, the bohemian atmosphere, the aristocracy of those times – populated by manifestos, disputes and scandals – a time when Gabrielle Chanel became one of the leading force in the fashion field by confronting the prudish Victorian era. Before you the work of a true artist. Chanel ‘Café Society’ jewellery look book by Sarah Moon Chanel ‘Café Society’ jewellery look book by Sarah Moon Chanel ‘Café Society’ jewellery look book by Sarah Moon Chanel ‘Café Society’ jewellery look book by Sarah Moon Chanel ‘Café Society’ jewellery look book by…

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Never Asking About the Crime by Michal Chelbin

Amazing work, worth the time to find more about her work. Love love it.

Life in Pictures


Michal Chelbin is a professional photographer, who was born in Israel, 1974. Her portrait sittings sometimes lasted for hours, Chelbin never asking about the crime committed until after the portrait was finished. Sailboats and Swans is currently on display at Andrea Meislin Gallery in New York through January 19th, 2013. The monograph was published this fall by Twin Palms Publishers.

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Do Not Disturb by Anja Niemi

I’m loving this. Gotta research more from this photographer.

Life in Pictures

AnjaNiemi8This intriguing series by Norwegian photographer Anja Niemi is a self-portrait project entitled Do Not Disturb. To create each scene, the artist sought out various hotel rooms, checked in, put up the “do not disturb” sign, and used the settings as her backdrops. She hauled a suitcase filled with clothing and wigs along with her and, through what Niemi calls protective layers of disguise, she began to create different characters for each story.

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Fun Photoshoot

So, I was taking this contemporary portrait class and I missed the practice day because I’m always sick. Thing is, Juan Brenner, a pretty successful Guatemalan photographer and our teacher for this workshop, was going to be giving ideas for our practice photoshoot that day and later on the workshop he would criticize the outcome of this experiment. Yes, I use the word “experiment” to describe it, since we had already taken two classes so we barely knew each other and we were going to work in pairs….

Anyway, I missed it. So I talked to two girls I follow on Twitter and they agreed to be my models. One of them had already modeled for one of my classes and a third girl, friend of them, joined us for this photoshoot. It was something simple, I actually hate making people pose, so I tried to keep them as natural as possible, joking around and being themselves. We had tons of fun!

Now, to the results. I am awfully critical with everything I do, so I’m not completely happy with the results. I will never be. But that calls for another post. Now, I am trying to choose, which of the two versions of my tryptich to upload to our class web page. Help me out a bit?

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